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Welcome to CrossFit 919!

CrossFit 919 is a 6,000 square foot small-group and personal training fitness facility located in Durham near the intersection of Hwy. 55 and Interstate 40 in RTP, next door to Meridian Cafe. At CrossFit 919, we have two priorities: helping you reach your full fitness potential, and building a community that will provide the help and support you need along the way.

What Makes CrossFit 919 Different?

We take progress and results seriously and work closely with each athlete to ensure they are experiencing marked results in their training. We believe that a strong bond between athletes and coaches breeds accountability on both sides, and we pride ourselves on the personal relationships our coaches have with our athletes. We view each day as an opportunity to build an incredible CrossFit box based on three guiding principles:

1. Program effective and balanced workouts;

2. Promote excellent coaching;

3. Create a fun and supportive community. 

Our mission is to provide you with a high-intensity functional fitness program and encourage you to continually expand and explore healthy, non-sedentary physical activities outside the realm of your past experience and comfort. We believe that emphasizing functional fitness is a way to retain health, vigor, youthfulness, and mobility across a wide range of human activities - whether in sport, recreation, work, or life activities. And we want you to have fun doing it.

Come try a free workout every Saturday at 10 am, or give us a call to get started!